OpenSTIL: UML diagrams

This UML was generated with the help of freely downloadable open source tools:
*** Documentation notes ***

Presently, some of this is UML documentation is automatically generated and some is manually generated.
In the future, we hope to have all of this UML automatically regenerated nightly from the OpenSTIL project's CVS source tree at the same time that the doxygen documentation is generated.

Currently, this UML document contains a representation of the OpenSTIL CVS source code tree as of April 11, 2006

UML is available in both '.gif' and '.dia' file formats. However- at this time, using the 'dia' tool to view these files is recommended, as currently there is a problem with some fonts being rendered too small in the .gif generation process (to be fixed with the next release of 'dia')

All STIL classes derived from STILBlock GIF DIA
The STIL block Iterator GIF DIA
Burst/Exec data classes (PatternBurst, PatternExec, PatList) GIF DIA
Timing data classes (Timing, Waveform(s), WaveformTable...) GIF DIA
Pattern data classes (Loop, Shift, Proc...) GIF DIA
Signal data classes (Signal, SignalGroup(s)) GIF DIA
Vector data classes (Condition, Vector, Call, Macro...) GIF DIA
Pattern evaluator data classes (EvalEngine, SignalList, VectorEventList...) GIF DIA Logo