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stilblockconstiterator.cpp File Reference

#include "stilblockconstiterator.h"
#include "stilentity.h"
#include "stilblock.h"
#include "stilpattern.h"
#include <semaphore.h>


#define open   open


sem_t stil_producer_semaphore
sem_t stil_consumer_semaphore

Define Documentation

#define open   open

Variable Documentation

sem_t stil_consumer_semaphore

sem_t stil_producer_semaphore

For now make these semaphores global since we cannot have more than on parser going at a time AFAIK. Eventually these semaphores should become part of the class as we extend the STIL API's to support multiple parsers going in multiple threads all at once. Maybe this can be done with Flex/Bison or ANTLR??

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